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Sturctured Cabling


Jamison Electric’s Communications Services encompass:


  • Over thirteen years’ experience in the installation of structured cabling systems throughout Southwest Virginia


  •  Registered Communication Distribution Designer (BICSI RCDD), trained and tested to the highest degree of telecommunications design


  • Use of the Telecommunication Distribution Methods Manual as the go-to guide for every installation


  • User-friendly systems


  • In compliance with TIA/EIA standards

Outdoor cable tray with sunset in background

     With the reliance on information systems technology ever growing, the need for advanced structured cabling systems has become essential. Constant changes in technology, additions, and renovations require structured cabling systems that are properly and neatly installed so that future maintenance and/or repairs can be executed quickly and efficiently.


     At Jamison, we make it our goal to provide the expertise and work ethic that our customers can rely on. We work hard to ensure that our structured cabling systems will be properly installed and effortlessly maintained.

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