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Power Metering

Jamison Electric provides load studies and problem event investigations of electrical systems.


​Problem Event investigation:


For many businesses electrical system errors are often the cause of disruptions in operations and can cause major loses in productivity. Using Advanced Power Quality Analysis Equipment we can pinpoint the source of problems within the electrical distribution system quickly and efficiently.


Load Study:


Facility Electrical Distribution System Load Studies allow Engineers and Facility Managers to know without a doubt, the additional capacity of the system. With this information, accurate decisions can be made regarding the necessity of infrastructure upgrades. Having accurate information during the design phase of new projects can significantly reduce cost.


System Documentation:


The electrical distribution system of many facilities is poorly documented and the moves, ads, and changes that have occurred within the electrical system have made the original system diagrams completely useless. Jamison can provide system documentation and one line diagram information allowing customers to move forward with a clear understanding of the existing system.

Metering and Control:


Jamison Electric offers permanent metering and automated control equipment installation that can accurately meter and control all utility usage including electrical, gas, water and other types of utilities. The system can be used for automated load shedding, lighting control, temperature monitoring, and other advanced functionality. This information can be used for customer billing or system control. Using advanced hardware and site specific programming, these systems can be custom designed, including custom displays and graphics. All information can be made available via web interface and monthly emailed reporting. This system can also be integrated into any existing building automation and control system allowing information to be shared across divergent platforms.

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